Zipporiah, now 11 years old, is a beautiful and intelligent young Christian girl who loves God and loves to help others in whatever way she can. Born on January 25, 2008 and raised in a Christian home, along with her two brothers Johnny and Jahnias,  Zipporiah has evolved into a quite unique loving young girl. She loves going to church, learning God's word,  praying, singing and praise dancing. But on the other side of things, she loves school, spending time with family and friends, shopping, crafts and just having fun. Wanting to attend Harvard University to become a doctor when she grows up, she has already proven that her love and care for people is very Christ like.  Her parents, Johnny and Marie Wilcox, always teach her and her brothers to be who God has called them to be and to always put Him first in whatever they set out to do in life.  With this teaching, Zipporiah has launched her first new business.

      In 2015, God gave Zipporiah the vision of starting her own Christian business to help other children know about Christ in a different way and help spread His word in places she cannot physically go herself.  However, she began getting ill in 2015, so she could not begin this particular mission right away.  But when Jesus say YES nobody and nothing can stop what God has for His people and we are proud to say that as of May 22, 2017 with obtaining her official city business license on July 7, 2017, Zipporiah is now the founder and CEO of  "Zipporiah's All Things Beautiful"!!! 

     Zipporiah's mission for "Zipporiah's All Things Beautiful" is to win souls in a different way and let all children, especially other young girls, know that it's okay to live for Christ at a young age and still have fun while doing so. Her motto for her business is "Let The Change Happen In You So You Butterfly Can Come Through" and the meaning behind the name of the business is quite unique.  Being that Zipporiah's  name means 'beauty', the store is called "Zipporiah's" and because of her belief that God created everything beautifully, the sub name is "All Things Beautiful".  Zipporiah's "ATB" starts out with two t-shirt collections  but other products, mostly hand-made, are forthcoming.  Zipporiah's  prayer is that souls will be saved and lives will be touched through  her business and whomever she comes in contact with.  She says,  




All in all, Zipporiah understands that winning souls is one of the requirements from God and He has given us different fun and creative ways that we can do so. She also knows that she is a winner and the sky is not the limit because nothing is impossible with God!!!

About Zipporiah

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About Collections

"Spirit of Beauty"

This collection represents the transformation of a person when they accept Jesus Christ into their lives therefore allowing them to be transformed into His spirit of beauty. As it states in Acts 2:17, God said He would pour His spirit out on all flesh. This transformation can also be compared to that of a caterpillar when it is transformed into a beautiful butterfly.



"Beautiful Girls Give Tithes Too"

This collection focuses on the importance of giving your tithes and offering. Malachi 3:10 tells us that we should bring all the tithes into the storehouse and Malachi 3:8 lets us know that if we do not bring our tithes and offering then we have robbed God. But Malachi 3:12 lets us know that all nations shall call us blessed if we do what we are required to do. So even we as beautiful girls need to give tithes too.

"Let The Change Happen In You So Your Butterfly Can Come Through"

Zipporiah's "All Things Beautiful"

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