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Zipporiah is officially the YOUNGEST Chamber of Commerce Member/Business Owner/Entrepreneur!!!!

August 29, 2017

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Being transformed into God's spirit of beauty

A person being transformed into God's spirit of beauty can be related to a caterpillar being transformed into a beautiful butterfly. The butterfly starts out as a caterpillar, just as a person that has not received Christ into their hearts starts out as a sinner. When the caterpillar starts its stages of change, this compares to a person finally starting to get their life together by going to church and reading the Bible, That person is changing from their sinful ways. The cocoon (pupa) is formed and this compares to the person getting what they really need from God by resting in God's will and letting Him work in them.  Finally, a beautiful butterfly is form and this compares to a person that has finally surrendered their all (mind, body and soul) to God, received Jesus into their heart and has been filled with the Holy Ghost, This represents the beautiful transformation into His "Spirit of Beauty"---have you been transformed?